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Pastor's Message


Last month, I shared with you a list of the “Top 5 things pastors want to hear from their congregations”.  This month, I want to share the list of the “Top 5 things church members want to hear from their pastor”, according to the Thom Rainer blog on ministry.  Having been a church member for many, many years before being called into ministry, I found these statements ring true for me.  But I’d love to hear your thoughts.  And I also want to tell you – the explanations are in my words, because I mean them.  This is not simply a list.

“I love you.” God has entrusted this relationship to us, and I value it.  I hurt with you, laugh with you, pray for you and love you all as my brothers and sisters in Christ.
“I would love for God to give me a long-term ministry here.” I joked after we all sweated through the move into the parsonage on the hottest day of the summer that I’m in favor of “pastor for life”.  I pray that God will continue to bond our relationships to one another and to God for many, many years to come.
 “I will be a praying pastor.” I pray for your prayer concerns regularly, but I also pray for our congregation, our community, national and global prayer concerns and my sermons.  I invite you to join me in all of those prayers.
“I will focus on preaching.” Not to the exclusion of everything else, of course.  But I do spend hours on sermon preparation – in Scripture Chat (hearing how the Holy Spirit is speaking through Scripture to each one of you), in study and in prayer.  My desire is that God will use each sermon to be glorified, and to reveal Godself more fully to each one of us.
“I will share my faith.” Community is extremely important to me, and I welcome opportunities to share the love of Christ with everyone I meet.  I encourage you to join me in serving and caring for those God puts in our path.

Pastor Angela


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Pastor Angela Finet accepted the call of the Nokesville Church of the Brethren on May 3, 2015. Her first official day of service was May 16, when she was introduced to the community of Nokesville during the annual Nokesville Days celebration.


Pastor Angela is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, and Temple University, where she received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 1996. She recently earned her Master of Divinity at Bethany Theological Seminary in May 2016.

Angela has two teenaged sons, Lucas and Eric, who are both active in the life of the church. Lucas participates in the music program, playing percussion and piano (he has also been a member of the handbell choir), and Eric enjoys working with younger children and performing in skits.

Angela enjoys many facets of church life – the music program, Bible study, Sunday School and community involvement. She is active with On Earth Peace, and has served on the Ministry of Reconciliation Team at Annual Conference and co-authored the Living Peace Church curriculum, which is being used ecumenically by churches to develop their Peace Witness.

Angela has been a pioneer in creating a Missional Church – bringing the love of Christ into the community – through Bible Study and Spiritual Art Journaling in her craft store in Herndon. She was recognized as the featured student at Bethany Theological Seminary in 2014 for her innovative programs, and by Fairfax County’s Department of Neighborhood & Community Services for putting the quality” in quality of life.


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